About Us

About Us - Website Design and Branding Design from Kre8iveCanada

“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just sum it up.”

Whether it’s a brand new website or a complete re-design to an old one.  We can bring your website and business to the forefront of the competition.

Hey there! I run a one person website development, graphic design and business branding design studio located in Ontario, Canada.

I am your your brand artist!

I would love to help bring your business to life in a memorable, functional and graphically gorgeous way!

When I build your website I always build it in the most unique way as possible. Something that will represent your brand and stick out in the minds of your customers forever. Branding is key as well as functionality.

I will work with you from start to finish and I always make sure my clients walk away 100% completely satisfied from each and every project I take on. I would love to work with you!

My name is Angela and Kre8iveCanada is located in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.